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Hello everyone and welcome to my writing site!! I'm Brianna Guice Here you will learn all things Brianna and hopefully get to know me beyond the work I do! first things first, I have been writing since 8th grade starting out with poetry. I begin keeping a notebook which i kept with me all time. as i grew older so did my love for reading. I love to read so much that i had a new book almost every week. 

I graduated From Leesville High school in 2006 and began studying the arts. I received my Associates degree in Liberal Arts in 2009 from Saint Leo  University and my Bachelors degree in Mass Journalism in 2012 from Wiley College. while in undergrad i began a blog in which I continued afterwards. in 2016 I began blogging seriously and created my professional blog . After so many changes I finally found my niche in Lifestyle and I enjoy my work.

I am also a writer for  Sacred Soul Rising which is a blog and Boutique which sells metaphysical products. 

I am a self published Poet and Author with my first book "Intimacy" which was published in September 2017.

I am a Mother to two amazing children my son Jaelon and my Daughter Journee. I teach toddlers and when I'm not writing, teaching or being a mother I am creating content for my YouTube channel and running my T-shirt company. 

I hope you like what you see and I look forward to working with you!



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