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    New Beginnings

    2019 is here and I am so hopeful for the new year. I’m looking forward to all the new things that I plan and haven’t planned for the my future. I wish for a million dreams to come to fruition. I pray for the happiness of my children and for peace and serenity in my heart. This year I have so many ideas I want to flesh out and worlds I want to create I’m so excited about what will happen next!! Now I’m not just writing this for me but also for you, my readers!!! I want to encourage you all to live out your dreams, never allow any…

  • Motherhood

    Celebrating Journee

    Happy Halloween everyone!!! I know I’m two days early but life has been hectic lately with all the Halloween parties, fall festivals and Journee’s birthday (she’s a Halloween baby you know!) that’s right a full blood Spooky Scorpio of the night, and her attitude shows it! Lol   Now if you were watching my Instagram stories you can probably tell, we had baby girls birthday party this past Saturday. It was definitely Harry Potter themed. I will admit to this, I’m a last minute event planner which is why I’m not in that line of  business. I waited to long to get her outfit together and someone fell through so…

  • Motherhood


    So today’s blog is about me sharing how I deal with being human and a mother. I know it’s a weird thing right ? Being human? Being a mom? Well let’s get into it…….every single day I play this movie in my head over the decisions I have made and how they effect my children. I think about the things I did wrong, the ways I handled certain situations, did I love on them enough? Did I tell them I love them enough?  Did I forget something that they needed or wanted to do? All these thoughts especially came to mind this past weekend when I realized that I forgot…

  • Motherhood

    Mommy’s Budget Shopping

    This past weekend I decided to go shopping for my kids because my daughter is out growing everything and my son is getting taller by the day not to mention his normal wear and tear on all his school clothes. Now being honest I really don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes right now but as you will soon find out I am the budget queen. I will always figure out a way to have what I need and a little but if what I want.  So let me tell you about a little secret……….Consignment shops!!!! They are everywhere all you have to do is look! Here…

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    You missed me?

    So I have been missing in action for almost two months now and you’re probably wondering what I’ve been doing! If you’ve paid attention to my Instagram then you probably know that I’ve been working on my clothing brand Tribe of Melanin. Well I’ve finally Launched it and I’m so proud of myself and the products I’ve come up with. It took me almost a year to buy my business license, buy my logo, my merchandise designs, creating my online shop, my business social media accounts and so much more. It’s been so hectic but it’s just the beginning of a long road ahead of being a entrepreneur.    In…

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    Letter To My Younger Self

    A letter to self. Have you ever felt the need to speak to your younger self. To give your younger self reassurance. To you know that everything will be ok. That’s what this post is all about. I’m giving myself to opportunity to speak to myself and hopefully encourage you to do the same. Growing up as a kid I was shy and quiet. I keep to myself and has I got older I began opening up more. As I child I didn’t think I was as pretty as the lighter skinned girls or the mixed/ other ethnicity girls at my school. My hair wasn’t long and struggled just a…

  • Book Club

    1. BCSeries – BOSS UP!

      Welcome to my Book Club Series! If you haven’t noticed I love to read, so I thought I would let you in a some of my favorite reads as I go along! My first book is BOSS UP! By Bryan Humphrey! pick it up today! you wont be disappointed!  

  • Motherhood

    Birthing Stories

    Let’s talk about giving Birth! Alright so I’m gonna give you all the truths about childbirth and the good, the bad and the ugly, but before I scare you with the ugly I’m gonna start with the good. Pregnancy itself is such a beautiful and powerful thing. You are creating something so amazing, this life is growing inside of you and it feels amazing…..in the beginning. Than comes all the discomfort, the pains the wieght gain, the cravings and the BS that comes LABOR!!! So here’s my stories about each child.   The Story of Jaelon: with Jaelon my pregnancy itself was actually easy although he did give me this…

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    It’s my birthday!

    TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Buuuuuutttt since I have to work today I opted to celebrate this past weekend. I’m finally 30 and it feels good, I’m alive, I’m breathing. God gave me another year, another day to live and that’s a lot to be thankful for.  Saturday instead of going to the club like I originally thought about we went out to dinner. Applebee’s was AHH-mazing, the food was great and our waitress was wonderful, I had a great time with family and friends which was all I wanted. I had a half rack of ribs, bacon Macaroni, French fries and mozzarella sticks, which are my fave!! Sunday I woke…

  • Literature


    Having a space to write your most intimate feelings when your not particularly up for sharing them with the world is very important to me. I have so many unspoken thoughts that I’ve never said to people whom I probably should, and I just haven’t found the flow to turn them into poetry. I’ve been feeling really sad and alone lately and I feel like I don’t have someone to express myself to so I started back writing in my journal. I feel like crying sometimes and I haven’t been completely, satisfied with my life, yes I work very hard to keep a straight face and project positivity but it’s…